Moving to Redmond…

Folks, The arrival of the New Year coincides with my move to Redmond – yes, I’ve taken up a new job at our HQ and will be joining the Application Platform team as a Snr. Product Manager. I’m very excited and looking forward to this exciting move but at the same time I feel sad…


ebXML adapters from Covast

Folks, Covast, now have an ebXML message service adapter for BizTalk that can talk ebXML messages. Click here for details


Business Integration Roadshow in Feb 2010

Folks, We are planning to have the Business Integration Roadshow in Sydney & Melbourne in Feb 2010. Watch this space for more information as we get closer to the event. The Corp website on this roadshow is here


Host Integration Server team blog links

Folks, Often I get asked about the blogs on HIS – just got a mail from Charles Ezzell who sent me the links: Hope that helps!


Quoc starts his blogs!

Folks, Our BizTalk Ranger for AsiaPacific & Snr. Program Manager, Quoc Bui, has finally started his blogs! Watch this space for some high quality & insightful blogs!


Partners are hiring BizTalk consultants in Australia

Folks, in the last week I’ve got quite a few calls from Sydney & Melbourne based partners asking for BizTalk consultants. Drop me a line if you want to explore these options and I’ll be happy to connect you with the partners.


pushallconfiguration error in SSO for BizTalk ESB

Folks, one of the nasty errors you may get while incorrectly configuring the SSO in the ESB toolkit is “Exception calling pushallconfiguration with 6 arguments”. This is related to the security permissions and can be fixed by using the BizTalk Server Administrators in the Administrator Group Name and BizTalk Application Users in the User Group…


Third anniversary at Microsoft!

3 years at Microsoft – without any shadow of doubt this has been the most exciting journey that I’ve ever had in my professional life! Every day brings you a fresh challenge from a new customer/partner/ISV and there is always a feeling in you deep down “Gee, can it get any better”? Well, it is such a…


Using READPAST with Order By clause in SQL Server with and without Index

Folks, I recently ran into this and decided to share this with the larger community… If you wanted to do a READPAST on the table but have on ‘Order By’ in your SQL query, it somehow does not return any row if there is an existing lock on a row (although it still prevents you from doing dirty reads) but if…