Bill Chesnut joins the Stargate Group

Hi Folks,   This week, Bill Chesnut, MVP for BizTalk and one of the top guns in the Integration Landscape has started his new role as the Integration Manager for Stargate Group, Solution Provider for Financial Services:   New contact details: Bill ChesnutSystems Integration ManagerStargate GroupLevel 4, 600 Victoria StreetRichmond Victoria 3121 Telephone: 03 8420 3050 Facsimile:…


BizTalk RFID Workshop for Partners now open for registration

This fantastic 2-day course is being run by Microsoft Partner Readiness Team in Australia and the course has been developed by Breeze Training. This workshop is now open for Partners for Registration – please contact the Partner Readiness Team for details: BizTalk RFID Workshop – End-to-End This aim of this 2 day hands-on course is to take…


Windows Workflow Foundation course in Australia by Jon Flanders

Folks, I got an email last Friday from Faith Rees of Readify about this fantastic 4-day WF course to be delivered by Jon Flanders (Jon is the trainer/consultant for Pluralsight US, author and MVP in BizTalk and one of the leading lights in this space). Course runs from 18-21 Feb, 2008 and the click here for…


Exposing a simple BizTalk orchestration as WCF service

One of the requests I recently got (from an existing customer in the recruitment space) was to demo how to expose an orchestration as a WCF service. Let me wrap this up in a wider context of the SOA (as it will make much more sense) and I’ll then reconstruct the series of steps that I actually did to build a simple…


Using your plant-floor data with BizTalk RFID

During the BizTalk R2 launch, FEN, one of Australia’s premier manufacturing news websites, interviewed Steve Sloan (Snr. Product Manager from Redmond) & Mick Badran (MVP, BizTalk and founder of Breeze Training) around how BizTalk RFID is changing the way we traditionally do supply chain:


BizTalk SQL Receive adapter – Envelope Debatching in pipeline

Last week, whilst doing a proof-of-concept for a customer in Melbourne, I was asked to demo a scheduled batch load from a BizTalk SQL Receive Adapter where the required rows (based on certain flags) are picked up at a scheduled time and then debatched so that each row is sent individually to another instance of the DB (mind you, if…


BizTalk R2 Training in Australia

Getting lots of queries around the next BizTalk R2 training in Nov. here in Australia: (Thanks to the Partner Readiness & Training Team)


Optimizing BizTalk SQL Adapter performance

On your receive port, there is a property called ‘Poll While Data Found’, set this to True. This will ensure that the adapter will be polling the SQL DB continuously to retrieve data until there are no more rows (at that point it will actually switch over to the sleep mode for the duration of…


Timestamp data type in SQL Server

Just looking at the timestamp data type, I realized that in SQL Server this exposes an automatically generated unique binary number (basically to help in version-stamping the rows). The timestamp data type is just an incrementing number and has nothing to do with preserving a date or a time. To actually capture a date or time, just use your good old datetime data…


First anniversary at Microsoft!

Today, I celebrated my first anniversary working for Microsoft! I can tell you that it has been the most wonderful of all experiences – as they say here in Microsoft – its like “drinking from fire hose” as you settle down in your new role! The interview process for any technical position in Microsoft is very thorough & comprehensive – you go…