Exposing a simple BizTalk orchestration as WCF service

One of the requests I recently got (from an existing customer in the recruitment space) was to demo how to expose an orchestration as a WCF service. Let me wrap this up in a wider context of the SOA (as it will make much more sense) and I’ll then reconstruct the series of steps that I actually did to build a simple…


Using your plant-floor data with BizTalk RFID

During the BizTalk R2 launch, FEN, one of Australia’s premier manufacturing news websites, interviewed Steve Sloan (Snr. Product Manager from Redmond) & Mick Badran (MVP, BizTalk and founder of Breeze Training) around how BizTalk RFID is changing the way we traditionally do supply chain: http://www.myfen.com.au/articles/Using-plant-floor-data-competitively_z76511.htm


BizTalk SQL Receive adapter – Envelope Debatching in pipeline

Last week, whilst doing a proof-of-concept for a customer in Melbourne, I was asked to demo a scheduled batch load from a BizTalk SQL Receive Adapter where the required rows (based on certain flags) are picked up at a scheduled time and then debatched so that each row is sent individually to another instance of the DB (mind you, if…