Virtual Power Plant – Solving renewable energy challenges with the Azure IoT

Did you know that Hawaii has a plan to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2045? The challenge with power grid is that too much generation can overwhelm the grid while insufficient generation leaves utility companies scrambling for backup solutions. To solve those challenges, Steffes wanted to create an affordable and efficient way to store…


Connected Coffee machines – raising the Beverage Service to new heights using Azure IoT

BUNN’s makes all kinds of coffee products from home brewer machines to a line of commercial automated espresso machines that is loved & used worldwide. To meet its lofty goals of providing unmatched service to it’s customers, BUNN and Mesh Systems used IoT services provided by Microsoft Azure, which includes preconfigured solutions that enable organizations to capture…


Saving millions of dollars with Azure IoT powered Smart Lighting

Controlling the lighting, as our retailers know it well, and supplying only ON DEMAND is key to improving both energy efficiency and safety. As a leader in this space, WLS had the clear goals of helping customers become more energy-efficient while improving lighting performance. What that meant was a highly scalable platform that would enable two-way communication with…


GOJO, the inventors of PURELL, measures hand hygiene compliance through Microsoft Azure IoT services

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are a major epidemic in our Health Care Industry today. One in twenty patients in a hospital acquire an HAI during a hospital visit. Nearly 100,000 people die from an HAI every year, it costs the US healthcare system $35B a year, and an estimated $1,100 per admission. Proper hand washing…


Take your first steps with Azure IoT Suite

For Enterprises, large & small looking at an IoT initiative, now is the time to take the first step. Work with us and our new IoT Partner ecosystem to enable your company to improve business processes and create new models to stay ahead of the competition. Click on the link for more details:


Transforming the Elevator Industry with IoT

ThyssenKrupp was a late entry in the world of 150-year-old elevator industry, they started only 40 years ago! But ThyssenKrupp was remarkably quick to make a name for itself with the development of its TWIN elevator and rope-less MULTI technologies. With the recent rise of cloud technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), the company…


Using IoT to keep customers’ machinery powered and ready 24×7!

The Power Management company, ABT, saw a real value in automating the collection and analysis of data to track the use and condition of batteries moving over from years of manual processes. One of our leading US IoT Partners, Mariner, helped ABT create a remote monitoring-solution built on Microsoft Azure IoT services that provides a solid advantage over competitors…


Starting the blogs again with new role!

About 5 months ago, I took the role of IoT Commercial Lead in US and I can say that I absolutely love my job! SLT at Microsoft asked me to keep looking after the Data Platform business until June and since last month I am only focused on IoT now! Very excited and looking forward to…


want to learn javascript self-paced?

Try – (my colleague, Mark Brown from the Azure team pointed this out) – love the low-friction experience to get started!


Hybrid Reference Implementation Using BizTalk Server, Windows Azure & SQL Azure

G’day folks, The following reference implementation came out of our CAT team (Field experts). This reference implementation comprises of a production quality, fully documented hybrid solution that demonstrates how customers can extend their existing on-premises BizTalk Server infrastructure into the Cloud. The solution is centered on the common requirements for processing large volumes of transactions…