Reviving the blog

As you may have heard, the Xbox One shipped! 🙂

I spent the past 2 years working on various OS components for the Xbox One, including much of the multitasking work for the system (what allows you switch quickly from app to app, or from game to app and back. And run multiple apps side by side), the live rendering of the game you see in the dash when you pop back with the Guide button, and various other things throughout. That's also the reason why my blog has been pretty quiet, things were intense trying to get a high quality product out the door on time. Now that the Xbox has shipped, I'm moving on to work on the core OS graphics kernel team, so I can help improve graphics performance and capabilities across all of our products (Xbox, Phone, and Windows). Additionally, I'm going to be setting aside time to start making regular posts to this blog again. Given that my new role is in graphics, you can expect more graphics themed posts. However, that doesn't mean I'm abandoning the physics engine series (I need to dust off the work I was doing for that, and get it cleaned up enough to post 🙂 ).

Looking forward to having some great discussions on here.


Comments (2)

  1. Jose says:

    Great work … loving my Xbox One..

    Any chance you'll have some future posts around how you achieved Xbox One multitasking ?! That side of the OS's on XB1 really interests me and I know others 🙂

  2. Reza Nourai says:

    Hi Jose, I'm glad you're enjoying your XB1.

    I'll have to check with work to see what parts I'm allowed to discuss openly. If I can get buy off, I'd love to share it.

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