Moving to wordpress

To give me a bit more flexibility and control over the blog, I’m moving this blog to I’ve migrated the majority of the content over already. Also, feel free to look for updates on my twitter, @RezaNourai  


Introduction to Geometric Queries

Just about every game, whether simple or complex, will require making geometric queries. It’s a fundamental part of building a game, so I wanted to cover it before we go further. Geometric queries also act as building blocks for many more things that we’ll talk about in upcoming posts. So what is a geometric query,…


Reviving the blog

As you may have heard, the Xbox One shipped! 🙂 I spent the past 2 years working on various OS components for the Xbox One, including much of the multitasking work for the system (what allows you switch quickly from app to app, or from game to app and back. And run multiple apps side…


Math Primer Series: Rotation Representations and Quaternions

We saw the power and usefulness of transforms in the previous primer posts, and we’ll be using them quite a bit in our discussions of physics and graphics. One of the first tasks we’ll need to do is determine how to represent our transformations in code. We’re going to be creating, manipulating, and animating these…


More posts coming, magazine article published!

I apologize for the lack of updates in a while, but things have been pretty busy at work. I’m working on a new post and I’d love to get some feedback on what topics people want to see most in the future. Topics I have planned: Finish the math primer (rotations & quaternions) Collision detection…


Math Primer Series: Matrices III: Affine Transformations and Matrices

We’ve seen matrices used as representations of a basis, and we’ve seen them used as linear transformations, but what else can we do with them? So far, we’ve only been able to use matrices to transform vectors from one vector space to another. What about points and vectors in an affine space? There is another…


Math Primer Series: Matrices II: Linear Transformations

In the last installment of the math primer series, we looked at the basics of matrices. Today, we’ll take a look at using matrices for linear transformations, which are one of the most common uses of matrices in games. But, before we dive into linear transformations, let’s take a quick look at what a transformation…


Intro to Physics in Games

I’ve decided to try something a bit different and mix in physics posts while I wrap up the math primer. Many of you might be more interested in the physics, or may already be familiar with the math topics, so this gives me a chance to have something for everyone. Today, we’ll look at some…


Math Primer Series: Matrices I: Introduction and Basics Operations

  Few things are as ubiquitous in game and graphics programming as a matrix. In this installment of the math primer, we take a look at these structures, investigating not only their numerical significance, but also what they represent visually. Next time, we’ll see how to combine them with vectors and with other matrices to…


Barycentric Coordinates and Point in Triangle Tests

  I know it’s been a little while since my last post, and I apologize. I’ll try and keep the posts a little more frequent moving forward. In the last post, we briefly encountered barycentric coordinates and loosely defined them as the coefficients of an affine combination. While that’s true, we can do better. We…