Change logo in Dynamics CRM 4.0

start from next month I am officially assigned to a project developing solutions using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 product. so I guess here would be tips and tricks memo about CRM 4.0 customization later on in this blog. and here is the first one.

How to change the logo image in the home page of CRM 4.0?

although this is still not a supported customization, it's still doable. referencing from Cesar de la Torre blog, here are the ways to do it.

1. change the image file at [C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Server\CRMWeb\_imgs\masthead.jpg] and you are done.


2. modify the css definition [] at [C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Server\CRMWeb\_common\styles\global-dynamic-styles.css.aspx] file.

be sure to backup those settings when you are upgrading to new versoin of CRM or applying a patch, since the update might then overwrite your files and lost your logo custimization.


Comments (5)

  1. Reejesh says:


    I have developed a custom aspx page for CRM 4.0.

    I have given some stylesheet link for it.but when i uploaded in CRM it’s not reflecting.Can you plz tell me how i can get it.

    Note:I uploaded the css file to a css folder in ..InetpubwwwrootISV….css

  2. wasekh says:


    I would like to know that is it Legal to change the logo and its logo image of MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 .

  3. Faisal Fiaz says:

    Change the image at C:Inetpubwwwroot_imgsmasthead.jpg with your company logo.

    Go to C:Inetpubwwwroot_commonstylesglobal-dynamic-style.css.aspx and change the code


    width: 100%;

    height: 100%;

    /*background-image: url(/_imgs/mast_back.gif);Hide the image*/

    background-repeat: repeat-x;

    background-color: #00AAAE; /change to matching color*39497a*/

    <% if (CrmStyles.IsRightToLeft) { %>

    background-position: top right;

    <% } else { %>

    background-position: top left;

    <% } %>


  4. kinsabri says:


    I’d like to change the color of the fields name account but I do not know how?

    can you help me please.

  5. Vishy says:

    How do i do the same in CRM 2011

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