/console depreciated after Remote Desktop Client 6.1

just upgraded my Windows Vista machine to Vista SP1 RTM and found the changes while I was terminal-servicing to my server machines.

I used console terminal service a lot to get the physical console control to do things. after upgraded to Vista SP1, found that it would no longer be able to use /console to connect to console terminal of remote machines anymore.

later found this post from Terminal Service Team Blog that states the changes after RDC 6.1, which was installed while Vista SP1 installation, that /console had depreciated and for backward compatibility, use /admin in RDC 6.1 to connect to console terminal of Windows Server 2003.

so, have to change my RDC shortcut for console connections from using /console switch to /admin .


Comments (8)

  1. NoPD says:

    I’m so disapponted with removal of console option.

    ‘/console’ option is more understandable for me. 🙁

    And /admin option make some confusion, right?

  2. Mark says:

    Can you inform me where to get the client 6.1 for windows xp ??

  3. Gabest says:

    Oh great, luckily it took only one minute to find this page. If I may suggest lets change this option in sp2 too, for greater confusion.

  4. Me says:

    Ver 6.1 for Win XP comes with SP3 for XP

  5. Cameron says:

    Is ‘deprecated’ the word you were looking for perhaps?

  6. Tuomas says:

    I believe the reason why /console is changes to /admin is because with Server 2008 (and R2) you can’t rdp-connect to console anymore. Also you can have only 2 sessions instead of three. With 2000/2003 servers you can have console+2 rdp’s but with 2008/2008R2 you can have either console on the computer+1 rdp OR 2 x rdp.

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