When you suddenly rotated your Vista Screen…

Ok, so I just did it again… and don’t know how to put it back… orz

In Vista, when you suddenly put your screen rotated by pressing some key-combination that you don’t even know, here is the answer

In Vista when you want to rotate your screen, use Ctrl + Alt + Cursor key combination…

I might just pressed Ctil + Alt + → that I didn’t even notice so my screen just became portrait and didn’t know how to put it back. later found the answer and by press Ctrl + Alt + ↑, it came back landscape…

Last time when I encountered this situation, I re-installed my video drivers… *sigh*

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Comments (2)

  1. George says:

    Wow, this was very helpful. I spent an hour clicking all the buttons and it didn’t work. Luckly i came across you. Thank you!

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