When your Outlook 2007 mail message text is larger or small than usual…

It sometimes happened to me that when I am composing a new mail, suddenly the while message font is became large and I don't know what I had pressed any key to let it happen. today it happened again and I decide to find the cause of it!

after a search of hotkeys in Outlook 2007 help file, found the answer...

Outlook Home > E-mail > Fonts and formatting

The text of my messages is larger or smaller than usual

When you compose, reply to, or forward an e-mail message, and the message body (including the text) appears larger or smaller than the size that you typically see, you might have accidentally changed the zoom view setting.

When the zoom view is changed, the setting is persistent on all future messages you compose, reply to, or forward.

Note   The zoom view setting doesn't affect how recipients will see the message. Messages are always opened at 100-percent zoom view size.

You can adjust the zoom view in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 in two ways — by using your mouse wheel button, or from within Outlook itself.

Use a mouse wheel button to change the zoom

If you have a pointing device, such as the Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device, that has a wheel button, you can use the wheel button to zoom in on, or out of, the body of a message.

  1. Click the message body.
  2. Press or hold CTRL while you rotate the wheel button to zoom in or out.
Use the Ribbon controls to change the zoom

The zoom level of the message view can be changed in the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface.

  1. Click the message body.
  2. On the Format tab, in the Zoom group, click Zoom.
  3. In the Zoom dialog box, under Zoom to, click 100% for the default size, or use the other options to specify a custom zoom size.

    Zoom dialog box

Note   When the zoom view is changed, the setting is persistent on all future messages you compose, reply to, or forward.

So the reason why it was happened on me is that when I type fast and using my mouse around my messages, suddenly I moved the mouse scroll wheel while I was pressing the Ctrl key trying to copy (Ctrl-C) or paste (Ctrl-V) some paragraph.

Case closed! FYI.

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  1. Amith says:

    Thanks a Mil….

    My User did this and we struggled to figure this out for a week now.

    Thanks Again. 🙂

  2. Manish Jain says:

    Thanks so much, this was really bothering me and I am fine now. 🙂

  3. Felicia says:

    oh my GOD this was driving my crazy.  My font size was so tiny in all the email I composed & read, for weeks!  THANK YOU for posting this tip.

  4. saurabh says:

    Thanks for help,I have followed the article and my resolved.

  5. laxman says:

    This issues was creating tension to change the font size for the replies and now after following the steps, now too easy to reply the mails.

  6. lajpat kurdiya says:

    thanks this information proved very useful for me.

  7. Matt says:

    Thanks for this simple yet superb post… My IT guys were flummoxed with the problem – and presto…  As easy as that, it is solved.

  8. Surendra says:

    Thanks a mate

    The information was really useful.

  9. Suresh says:

    Thanks folks for this post. It helped me too.

  10. Thade_1977 says:

    This was the key. This setting carried over on a new build as well when using the Lenovo migration assistant. New build was not done because of this issue but it appeared to follow

  11. francD says:

    This was a great help. It was driving me crazy and now I know it was a simple fix.

  12. Chris Fischer says:

    All of a sudden, this setting keeps changing itself to 130%.  I open a new message, click in the text box, choose the format text ribbon, click zoom, change the value to 100, click ok.  Type and send the message.

    Now, if I click a new message again, sometimes it stays on 100%.  But if I close/reopen Outlook, it will be back to 130.

  13. Ali says:

    Thank you so much!  Your post is very helpful 🙂

  14. Ravi Sankar K says:

    thanks, very nice/simple tip. its very use full.

  15. Larry in Santa Fe says:

    I spents HOURS of my life trying to figure this out and it was making me insane.  Finally, a friend sent me this link.  It was so easy to correct with your post.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  

  16. simon says:

    many many thanks for this your a star

  17. Mike says:

    Many thanks for this. I too must have accidently done the hold down ctrl while moving the mouse scroll wheel. My IT department could not solve this for over 2 weeks. I solved it within 30 seconds after I found your site

  18. Mukange David says:

    Lots of thanks, my problem is solved.

  19. Arshad says:

    Amazing this article helped me big time

  20. retropink says:

    Thank you!  This has been driving me nuts for days!  

  21. E Rock says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

    This was driving me crazy.

    What would we do without the Internet…well it seems several of us would still be viewing our email replies/forwards as shrunken or enlarged.

  22. KWoodie says:

    Had a user with the same issue…. Thank you so much for helping!

  23. dh says:

    Thanks!! This was really helpful!!

  24. Stephanie says:

    Fantastic – this has been driving me crazy. Thank you.

  25. Lorenzo says:

    Resolution worked like a charm. Thanks.

  26. Thanks a bunch says:

    Its great to know this fix as i was struggling with this for a long time.. this is of a great help and thanks again…..

  27. Willem says:

    and again a lost soul rescued…nice olk feature..:-)

    many may thnx

  28. jacks88 says:

    GREAT info.  I was just about to throw this laptop in the road.

  29. Dr. Arun Thomas says:

    Thank you. You're the first person who told me HOW TO do it. The other sites told me there was a problem with the zoom, but no help further to that! 🙂 It worked like a charm!

  30. nilanshu khanna says:

    thank u so much , i never thought this way .. this was really a help..

  31. Prasanna says:

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  32. Kavita says:

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  33. Arif says:

    Thanks a lot  I appreciate for your effort. Thanks again.

  34. rama says:


    thanks for the tip. I was trying to find the steps on my own but failed. now resolved. thanks.

  35. Twan says:

    This drove my boss insane…that made me happy

  36. Cindy Chen says:

    Hi, thanks for the tips.  I was able to re-set zoom in Outlook 2007.

  37. Victor Hugo says:


    This is a very nice tips. You save my time


    Victor Hugo

  38. mm says:

    Thanks for the tip. I was floundering around default styles, themes, fonts, and other areas after thinking I knew what the problem was after being misled by an options setting. Changing the zoom is so simple.

    Why does this setting persist by default is the big question.

  39. Jack says:

    If you have a touchpad with scroll capability, you can hold down the Ctrl key and run your finger up or down the right side of the touchpad. I'm sure that that is how mine was messed up to start with.

  40. CM says:

    Who knew that could even happen?!? Thanks for the help!

  41. Stefanie says:

    Thank you!  This saved me so much time wondering what a user did to her mail!

  42. Brad G says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!  I couldn't figure out what the heck I had clicked on when my font was reduced!

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    So glad this post was there – having this problem for weeks and finally googled it for the answer!

  47. Chris says:

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  48. Nate says:

    Yes, thanks!  Just had it happen to me for the first time and knew it zoomed somehow, but wasn't sure.  Thanks!

  49. Brandon Slusarek says:

    Thanks for your help! One of my users had this issue and I'm glad I found this site or I might of pulled out my hair on this small little thing.

  50. Greatful-Tech says:

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    User still doesn't know what she did to change it, but thanks to you we all know how to fix it now.  ðŸ™‚

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    thanks so much, the tiny print was making me ill and I couldn't fix it.

  64. Kristi says:

    This happens to be every now and again!!  Thank you for this help!  I hve been crossed eyed trying to read my email drafts and you have prevented future headaches for me.  :o)

  65. Jackie says:

    Thank you very helpful.

  66. RJ says:

    Thank you, I managed to shrink my view to 10% by the CTRL + mouse wheel action, I am glad I searched for a solution and found your post. I was losing my mind trying to figure out what I did to zoom out my sent mails. Was able to fix it in seconds once I read your post. Cheers!

  67. Tony says:

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  72. Help! says:

    NOpe that didnt work for us. The email signature was stil normal size but the font size was about 2800 siz额!

  73. Rezz Crystal says:

    Thanks God!! My email was created by my IT,the view get too big since then! ..even he cant do anything to make it small..really pissed me,it annoy when the "kind regards with thanks" filled 70% of the view in 0ne row!! and i need to scroll lots to read the whole mail! Lucky i found this blog..Thanks a lot REX TANG..hope to treat u a Baskin Robbins! (^^,)

  74. Kamal says:

    Thank you very much for a simple solution……..!!!!!

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  76. DJ says:

    Many thanks, solving this just earned me a few brownie points with my manager – it was driving her crazy too!

  77. Helen says:

    I have searched for an answer to this problem for months.  Today, I found this.  THANK YOU!

  78. TG says:

    I find it miraculous that people spend "months" trying to figure out an answer to this problem, since it took all of 25 seconds of googling and reading to solve it…

  79. HK says:

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  80. WSMLEO says:

    Thanks a million. Worked fine. Take good care.

  81. Tahoe King says:

    Thank-you!!  What a relief.  So simple yet so buried.  

  82. Phil Naidoo says:

    very helpful information

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    Thank you for this article – it was the answer I spent so much time looking for! Couldn't figure out what I did wrong!

  84. Zoo says:

    TG – I had the same thought as I was reading down the list, then I saw your post!  Funny.  And incredible.

  85. Lou says:

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    Thank you very much. I knew it had to be an easy solution but could not figure out the combination of keys that I held down. It turned out to be the CTRL and mouse.

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    Very Helpful … same thing happened to me in Outlook 2013 and the resolution still applies … thanks for sharing as was driving me nuts that my reply emails were being re-sized !!

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    thank you so much!  I couldn't figure out what I did or how to correct it.  tried your suggestion and voila! back to normal.  so happy!

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    TY So Greatful For Your POST Rex Tang!!!! 😀 My text went so tiny I had pressed two keys without meaning to and not knowing what I pressed while composing a reply to an email. Your comment fixed My issue immediately! Yes! Your post in 2007 is on my Birthday 😀 So TY for this Gift. I would of suffered tiresly had I not typed into microsoft search for the answer. & Was I saved from Your Research, kindness & effort to help us all here with this very Important part of our lives when it comes to email communication; which is HUGE in Many of Our lives!!! You are Defineatly A True Hero! Abundant Blessings~ Love & Peace.

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