Greasemonkey for IE…

For those of you who want Greasemonkey features on FireFox to be able to use in IE, Jefferey just found such a tool called Trixie which exactly a Greasemonkey for IE. On his post he wrote a simple sample script that adds a "open in new window" link on each of the normal Google search result, which is pretty straightforward to illustrate how powerful the scripts can do.

just did a little search and found another project called exactly "Greasemonkey for IE", source code included. by comparing those 2 projects found that Trixie's latest version was done at 2005/06/06 (version 0.2.3), while Greasemonkey for IE was at 2006/07/30 (version 0.1), which GME4IE is 1 year later than Trixie.

With source code provided, I might use GME4IE to play with those JavaScripts on IE while doing my web performance evaluation on work... 😉

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