Dynamics Retail Discount Extensibility – Scenarios I

It is impossible to cover every discount scenario for all retailers we support, so it is important to enable extensibility for partners and customers to add customization. First, let’s review some scenarios.

Scenario – enable validation period on discount line definition

Validation period is a way to enable time-specific discounts, for example, happy hour discount of 20% off from 3pm to 5pm. Today, we allow validation period on the discount header, so it applies to all discount line definitions in the discount.

The customization is to enable validation period on discount line definition as well.

Scenario – discount line definition support for excluding

For example, you want to set up a 10% off discount for all keyboards, except an ergo one.

We have thought about making it a feature before, but it did not make the list mainly because of performance impact.

Both scenarios are about additional filtering of discount line definition. They don’t affect how to apply discounts in any way.

We will talk about solutions after we finish laying out various scenarios. Stay tuned.

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