Free Thinking–Probability: What was the chance that I would write about probability?

You might be in need of a paper idea for your research and you are desperate.  Well if you came to this site in desperate need of something worthwhile, well then was is the probability that there is anything useful on this page? To determine the probability of successfully finding useful information in any of…


Free Serenity through Zentity: Extending your existing data model

Student You need a project to demonstrate how researchers share data for science experiments, and you got nothing.  Now you got the answer and the complete demonstration.  You just have to get it working, so jump into it! Professor Let’s say you are doing climate research and your data model isn’t quite cutting it, but…


Free eBook about TLA which either it means Three Letter Acronyms or Temporal Logic of Actions

[This blog was originally published at] This will be the big hit, maybe bigger than the Oscar’s!  In the case of this blog TLA is an acronym for the Temporal Logic of Actions, which has nothing to do with Dr. Who.  Or the noise that is my style of blogging, says the man who’s…


FREE software and a Technical Oscars! Why you should get a CS Degree!

[This blog was posted originally to ] Oh what in the heck is a Micro-Voxel and why do Andrew Clinton and Mark Elendt win an Oscar for this process that, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? This work allowed for the first time, unified and efficient rendering of volumetric effects such…


Holey-Moley! Multiplayer Gaming for Smartphone

Here are a few papers that could give guidance on designing multiplayer games for the Windows Phone or for that matter any smartphone. Multiplayer Gaming for Smartphones Hyke: A Low-cost Remote Attendance Tracking System for Developing Regions Switchboard: A Matchmaking System for Multiplayer Mobile Games SystemSens: A Tool for Monitoring Usage in Smartphone Research Deployments…


Changing your view: Rendering, what is it?

We all live in a fantasy right?  RIGHT?  Oh, maybe it’s just me.  But what is Rendering?  At a technical level you might want to take a look at the paper at this URL If you are looking for a research paper to read, this is an interesting one.  You might want to take…


Free CS Video: Learn how to design an Auction-Based Marketplaces for Paris Hilton

Let’s say someone like Parish Hilton (a famous person around 2012) who made a bunch of cash off of being famous.  Let’s say that a few years later, like around 2015, she decides that she can make more money doing online auctions of her clothes, shoes, etc.  If she carefully sells off her items, then…


Azure: Algorithmic Pricing of Online Services, what would Kim Kardashian say?

Normally you don’t see the word algorithm and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence.  But I just did, and for good reason. Let’s say you are Kim Kardashian and you are thinking about expanding your online business, let’s say she is going to have a game created around a game that demonstrates her shoe brand,…


Diabetes without needles? A contact lens?

Frankly I do not like contact lenses, but this video shows the work being done by Microsoft Research If you know anyone with diabetes and has to test their blood, this is a fantastic idea!  


Project Hawaii: Windows Phone 7 and Azure for academics

  Uggh, Azure and academics, there is no MSDNAA freebie to help academics (Professors, researchers and students) experiment with Azure.  This appears to be the case for Amazon and Google, definitely SalesForce.  Sure you can get 90 day single use passes from me, but what happens after 90 days?  Most research, classes and work goes…