C++ Security Practices in Visual Studio 2012

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HTML5/JavaScript security practices are one thing and most developers in HTML5 can safely ignore them.  They shouldn’t but come on, media stuff has to get done.  On the other hand where do you go to find C++ Security Best Practices?  Here is the article for you:

Security Best Practices for C++, in general:


What about Windows 8?  There is an rather odd article at the following link, on reading this is a general document but isn’t for Windows 8.  If you are a student or someone starting with C++ programming for Windows, then the article is of interest, but no focus on Windows 8 or the improved requirements.  What is odd is that this document comes up in the search for Windows 8 Security.

Not to be grumpy, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a well written security document for Windows 8 Developers?  And by this I mean that if I enter the phrase into the search engine: “Windows 8 Security” this article would appear in the first 100 entries on the Dev Center Desktop which is usually used by Windows 8 Security.


Ok, finally, let me end on a non-grumpy note, make sure you review these Security Features and Privacy Features:

Windows 8: New and Improved Security and Privacy Features

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