Do it yourself Brain surgery using Kinect through a secure cloud connections

(Don’t attempt surgeries of any sort, make sure to see a doctor or health professional if you feel ill, etc. This is just a thought article, and medical care is not really a do it yourself situation.)

Oh, I just had to write that title.  But could you do brain surgery on yourself using the Kinect?  In a recent Eureka show there was a transfer of personalities due to some plot method (you have to be into the show to figure that one out) and one of the main characters finds himself in his lover’s body performing a touchless surgery on his brain. (Episode: Jack of All Trades)

Now that sort of sounds like a “jump the shark” episode, which it would be, except that it Eureka has declared this as their last year.  Fortunately, I like the show, but it is getting somewhat tired. 

Saying all of that, if you are going to be doing a touchless surgery using a network, isn’t it important to make sure that the network is secure?  With the Eureka system, apparently there are a lot of things that go wrong, and just at critical times.  What if you are doing something critical and it would be a bad thing if the computer froze up or was corrupted in some way?  You have two issues:

  1. Network stability
  2. Network security

How do you design computer based tools that are able to work in a reliable manner when you need it to function?  Of course, surgery is critical, but if you have a trained professional in the loop (that is involved) then if there is a problem the professional would then take over and either close up for later rework or complete the task.

With respect to “human in the loop” there is the DaVinci Robot Surgical system, here are the analysis of the first 50 patients (granted that their surgery was on the other end of the body):$assets$/053b65cb-66d7-497d-bb03-bba5312c3eaa/Ref%25202%2520Clinical%2520Evidence%2520-%2520Spinoglio%2520Robotic%2520Cases%2520Italy%252050%2520cases.pdf

So the question could be ask, if you are a surgeon, could you program a Da Vinci robot to do a surgery on your body and then have the robot perform the operation, with supporting staff of course?

If you do, where do you put the program?  On the cloud?  Then how do you know you are getting the most fresh program?  And so forth.

Then maybe, in the future, if you are a trained surgeon who uses the Da Vinci Robot and program it, maybe using the Kinect, you would use a secure cloud connection to do your own brain surgery.  Or you might be the robotic engineer working with cloud software engineers to build this kind of opportunity.

Think about it!

To find out how to become a robotic engineer see:

To find out how to program the kinect on your home PC, just use Bing to do a search on kinect, there a bunch of articles out there!

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