Microsoft’s Quantum Computing Station Q entangled in The Economist

Microsoft does Quantum Computing at UCSB, in a department called Station Q.  It appears that Station Q gained an entanglement with The Economist (that is a quantum pun, so I am uncertain if you will get it):

Michael Freedman leads a team on researchers in a journey beyond the edge of the leading edge of technology.  From the Economist the work station Q is doing at UCSB is described as:

Michael Freedman is trying to address this problem by taking a different tack. Together with his colleagues at Microsoft’s Station Q research centre, also at UCSB, he is trying to build what he calls a topological quantum computer. This uses a superconductor on top of a layer of an exotic material called indium antimony. When a voltage is applied to this sandwich, the whole lot becomes a quantum system capable of existing in superposed states.

If you are excited about Quantum computer and your future is being an undergraduate, graduate or researcher, in Quantum Physics you might want to take a look at the Station Q information at these links:

So bottom line: If you want to get entangled with the Station Q uncertain future in Quantum Computing then zoom over and take a look at the documents and guidance from one of the top Quantum Research centers in the US. 

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