Free Serenity through Zentity: Extending your existing data model


You need a project to demonstrate how researchers share data for science experiments, and you got nothing.  Now you got the answer and the complete demonstration.  You just have to get it working, so jump into it!


Limageet’s say you are doing climate research and your data model isn’t quite cutting it, but your graduate researcher has got their PhD and left for that high paying job in private industry.  Now you need to extend the data model, but you haven’t touched the code in years, and you really don’t want to.  Your latest graduate students do not know the language in your current model, how do you extend the work?  And your grant is up for review in a short period of time.

Fortunately, your data model is ODATA compliant.  As far as I can tell if you have a Dreamspark subscription (that’s the lower version which is a subset of the Dreamspark Premium) you can install Zentity in about 15 minutes. 

Set-up instructions (Word Document 2007 or 2010 document):

Infrastructure you will need and where to get it, if you are a student there will be no cost, if you are a researcher or professor then you will need to have a Dreamspark Premium:

Download the Zentity source code from:

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