Azure: Algorithmic Pricing of Online Services, what would Kim Kardashian say?

Normally you don’t see the word algorithm and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence.  But I just did, and for good reason.

Let’s say you are Kim Kardashian and you are thinking about expanding your online business, let’s say she is going to have a game created around a game that demonstrates her shoe brand, or other interesting product.  How do you pricing the online presence, what is fair for subscribers to pay, advertisers and so forth, what do you use for a model?  And I am not talking about a fashion model, I am talking about a math model.  People like Kim Kardashian make gazillions of dollars, Euros and so forth from their presence, why not make money from them?

Take a look at this great video about Pricing Online and find out how you can consult for people trying to price online services!

Algorithmic Pricing of Online Services

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