Infer.NET: Probability distributions, or a quick guide because you need to do a project for class really quick after a party run

Well I have been there, where you are right now.  Last night was a blast, and you hung around with those really cool people who was having a lot of fun.  Turns out they were liberal arts students, you are an engineering, science or math student who has to do real equations and work.  You have a paper due on probability, and you thought that it was a snap.  You have a headache, and don’t have your work done.

You found this by searching for probability software, now you need to lay down some code quick.

You need to have Visual Studio C# (or C++) installed as well:

This will take about 20 minutes, if you don’t have that much time, then use the Example Browser for Infer.NET for your presentation, either way download

For the download of this excellent tool go to:

This will take about 10 minutes.

Then you look at the tutorials at, the two coins looks easy with some deep ideas.  You can use the Example Browser if you don’t have time for downloading and figuring out how to use Visual Studio.

If you have some flavor of Visual Studio on your system, it is better to use with Visual Studio and I have included a working program on the excellent SkyDrive, click on this >>BlogResearch <<Click on this link for the code

If you know how to do it, you could compile the file without Visual Studio, but you need to know how to compile a .NET file w/o VS. (See Command Line Building)

Once you run the code, now you need your talk put together.  Use the documentation at the Infer.NET site, it is very unlikely that your professor or teacher has ever heard of it, but make sure to reference it as a source.

Here are a few papers that show that academics have way too much time on their hands:


Now, once you are done, get a big glass of water and don’t party that hard again, ok? 

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