Kinect and Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML and Kinect.  How to wire it all up?

Well first I guess we should go down to the virtual hardware store and buy some XAML Wire to connect with the Kinect software.

Is this really hard?

No, in fact one of the earlier approaches to this uses the OpenNI to connect Kinect with WPF:

This is a great project done by a student partner in Greece!

Next step: Students at Crenshaw High school will be developing with this product (or similar since I will use the Kinect SDK, not the OpenNI, not that there is anything wrong with OpenNI, but you gentle reader know that I am a Microsoft fanboy).

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  1. marian says:

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting topic. I'd love to have all this comprised in a book or ebook. Did you ever thought about publishing it in a series of essays, or alike? It's already written, it's interesting and it's yours. I say go for it, if only to see your name associated with an ISBN 😉 Some of my friends have been publishing with GRIN, a German publisher located in Munich: http://

    Even if  it turns out not to be a #1-bestseller (which I honestly think could happen), make some bucks over your life on royalties and buy yourself a nice lobster dinner.

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Thank you Marian, and yes I have thought about writing a book.  Then I go see a doctor to find a cure.  

    Let's face it, writing a book,even a self published book is hard work.  

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