Perceptron: Deep Neural Networks for Speech recognition, and not a Transformer character

Perceptor is a transformer character, Perceptron is a statistical approach to speech recognition, although it is a statistical process that can be used to model certain classes of complex models. 

This is an interesting paper, ignoring the allusion to Perceptor the transformer, is an excellent paper to read if you are thinking about a senior project or Imagine Cup project. 

Most important are the references, which if you are a student then you can get to most of the articles through the IEE and ACM library, as to the books referenced, many might be available through eBooks or your college library can order them for you to reference.

Speech recognition is going to be a big business for small companies and if you take a look at this paper, it can get you thinking about what is involved with getting to the leading edge of voice control of your computer or that transformer robot!

Just think, a robot that has speech recognition out of the box, and not just a few commands, but hundreds of natural commands, as to the robot’s ability to convert into a car, well we have to leave something for the mechanical engineers to do!

Comments (4)

  1. Surf4Fun says:

    Dear Sam,

    I wrote this blog and I think it sucks.

    Sam Stokes

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Mr Stokes,

    Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the weakest of the blog post.

    I had planned on another post but wrote this instead

    Now I have to live with it.

  3. DJ says:

    "Speech recognition is going to be a big business for small companies". You're mistaken. Speech recognition is going to be a big business for big companies only as huge resources are required to create and train a good system.

  4. Surf4Fun says:


    Great feedback!  Let's give it time, but with products like Project Hawaii, speech recognition easily used in Windows Phone 7 Tango, and others, I feel that I am correct.

    Speech server from Microsoft and the Azure speech offerings from Microsoft will allow small business to do consulting and product creation at low costs.

    Time will tell, and I respect your view point.

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