Collaborative Software Development using Visual Studio

I have been thinking about the difficulty of developing with other people over the internet.  Sure you could use Skype or Lync to set up a process, but it doesn’t quite cut it.  With the cool stuff that Microsoft is doing with the Office Live and collaboration between Office users, you got to ask why that this isn’t be used for an add-on for Visual Studio that uses the same mechanism.

It appears that there was some consideration and a project that ended with nothing to show for it called CollabVS and is (was?) part of the Communication and Collaboration Systems inside of Microsoft. ( )

My thought is that the Visual Studio would do well to utilize the Facebook mechanism to implement collaboration.  You might ask how Sam would you do this?  I would use the Facebook SDK and add-on for Visual Studio.  Or better yet I would figure out how to get someone else to do it for me, and then give them lavish credit for a job well done.

Don’t you think this would be a good idea?  Let me know.

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  1. frank says:

    damn. its a good idea. In fact I was just looking for something to do this. I have a distributed team and was looking for something that allows better sharing where you can interact and not just watch and point things out. there appear to be a few things that exist, one that looks exactly like what you are saying, but it hasn't launched yet. the other looks shaky. my biggest thing is that I would want it done by somebody trustworthy as I would be reticent to open it up and then find my code all over the internet.

  2. frank says:

    Here's the software that I found. Looks pretty good. Any ideas on how to validate that source code is only sent between sharing partners and not back to a possible "evil" mothership?

  3. Jesus Salas says:

    were you thinking about Visual Studio Anywhere?

    Real-Time Collaboration add-in for Visual Studio 2010/2012

    Support worldwide Project sharing include code and Visual Studio Designers 😉

    Best Regards!

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