Singularity, Free O/S from Microsoft: Singularity RDK, over 300,000 downloads can’t be wrong!

Download the Bootable ISO from:

For more information you can also visit:


If you an instructor looking to add some sparkle to your Operating System class, this might be an interesting addition or extra credit project.  Of course BarrelFish is more advanced, but Singularity has a strong following and for the investigation of type safe programming or dependability, singularity is a great demo of what a research O/S should look like.  Discussions around why to do this kind of project can help prepare students to be your researchers.

College Student

If you are a college student and looking for a thesis of some sort, this is a great hit!

High School

This is an interesting item, and if you are in High School, it would make a great Intel Science Fair project, plus you could get it running, show it to your parents and then get them off your back about playing video games too much.  This is pretty well defined stuff.


Use BarrelFish instead of singularity.

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