Build your own Genes for free!

That’s right if you act now, you can build your own Genes for free, all you need is Microsoft Word and a free download from Codeplex.

This open source project works inside of MS Word, and if you are smart (and you must be since you are reading this blog) you could easily use it for a science paper at your high school or college and LOOK GOOD.  Also, it is a good bet that your professor or teacher have no idea that this tool is available for you to use.  Of course you would tell them Winking smile.

What is it:

“The GenePattern computational biology software provides a way to create analytic workflows (pipelines) enabling in silico reproducible research. This Word 2007 add-in supports embedding pipelines in a document and rerunning them on any GenePattern server from the Word application.”

Where do you download this awesome product?

Who created it?

  • MIT/Harvard

What do you do if you don’t have Office 2007, you can also go to the quick tutorials, which I guess you should even if you do have Word:

Have fun, create a way to save the world from ___________________________________ (Fill in the blank, it’s your world after all)


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