Diabetes without needles? A contact lens?

Frankly I do not like contact lenses, but this video shows the work being done by Microsoft Research If you know anyone with diabetes and has to test their blood, this is a fantastic idea!  


Future of technology

This is a cool video, thanks to Scott Kerfoot.  Many of these ideas are available through the Microsoft Research Labs, except for the suicide doors on the taxi. As to the doors on the taxi in the video, that seems like a great way to die if your car is “T-Boned”.  Oh well. Otherwise, this…

Kinect and Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML and Kinect.  How to wire it all up? Well first I guess we should go down to the virtual hardware store and buy some XAML Wire to connect with the Kinect software. Is this really hard? No, in fact one of the earlier approaches to this uses the OpenNI to connect…


20th anniversary gift: Free Computer Science Lectures: Seriously this is fun!

Check out these lectures at Microsoft Research, and I understand if these videos have a lower priority than “Two Broke Girls”, but if you are interested in getting into the computer technology you will need to take a look at these videos! People who think that Microsoft isn’t innovative, are simply wrong. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/events/20anniversary/Buzz.aspx

Research: Holo Deck from Star Trek, brought to you by Kinect

Oh this is amazing!  The Sensor Research folks have come up with a really cool 3D system, and so my prediction, maybe as late as last week that 3D interactive suites was dead, the prediction is dead.  Wow. Check out the video:  


Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, has passed away

Wow, I remember wearing out a few of the K&R books, and for the old people like me you know what I mean.  Although I was much more of a BASIC programmer, as much of my work early on was in test systems and BASIC was used a lot on those machines.  I did do…

Triple Negative *** Cancer research

  Overview: I have been thinking about Triple Negative *** Cancer lately, one of my neighbors died from complications from this cancer.  One of things that makes this cancer more difficult is that the cancer cells turn off the body’s t-cells that could deal with the cancer.  When the Triple Negative cancer responds to current…

XAPFest at Microsoft Research, what did the Microsoft Interns come up with?

Find out via this video, if you are taking one of my classes, or attend one of my XAPFest, this is a good idea generator.  http://research.microsoft.com/apps/video/default.aspx?id=153673 If you are attending a XAPFest where I am the only Microsoft person, then that means I failed you, but I think that this support staff and presenters were…

Free Windows Phone Apps from Microsoft Research!

  Looking for apps for your Windows Phone that are useful and have depth?  Then check out this page: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/about/feature/apps.aspx These apps are fully functional and I run them on my Mango Phone, but the apps will also run on the current version of the Windows Phone. The Windows Phone 7 apps are: TouchDevelop Pex4Fun…

Perceptron: Deep Neural Networks for Speech recognition, and not a Transformer character

Perceptor is a transformer character, Perceptron is a statistical approach to speech recognition, although it is a statistical process that can be used to model certain classes of complex models.  Conversational Speech Transcription Using Context-Dependent Deep Neural Networks This is an interesting paper, ignoring the allusion to Perceptor the transformer, is an excellent paper to…