3DVideo, without the glasses

Check out a good brief article about video and 3D, if can read only one article this summer on 3D Video, this is the  one you should read! image 3DVideo

Reading and viewing the videos will give you insight into what occlusion is and isn’t.

Being able to utilize 3D Videos in a website would make the end-user experience that much more interesting.  Examination of the art of 3D videos brings out the point that projects will cost more, and how will you be able to recover your costs?  Hobbyists, etc. will likely enjoy the ability to bring this to their web pages, but will media companies be able to do cost recovery and make a profit off of this interesting technology? 

At this time, broadcast television as well as cable networks are struggling with costs and profits.  Most internet media, with the possible exception of the "adult" media, are either low profit margins or no profit.  3D could breath a newness into the various media types and inhance profits,  or 3D could simply cost more without increase in traffic or profits.

Take a look at this article and see what you think.

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