WTF#: Demo for CSULB


1. What is F#? It is a functional language that is capable of object oriented programming and eases multi-cpu analysis

2. Why is a language like F# important?  Functional languages are important

3. Demo of F# using measurements: Blog on the BurnedLand example 

Functional programming is the best approach to solving many thorny computing problems,
but pure FP isn’t suitable for general-purpose programming. So, FP languages have gradually
embraced aspects of the imperative and OO paradigms, remaining true to the FP paradigm
but incorporating features needed to easily write any kind of program. F# is a natural successor
on this path. It is also much more than just an FP language.

Here is a blog that goes into depth on using units of measurement in F#:

Blog on F# and unit of measurements

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