So now you got the idea from research, how do you implement the idea?

We got the idea that it would be a good idea to create the sensor touch.  The process would interface an instant message nudge with an Xbox controller for our proof of concept.  If we were going to implement the idea for profit, our package would look different, but before we spend any money on packaging and electronic engineering, it would be a good idea to experiment with our idea.

We need to find out how instant messenger systems signal their nudge, and we have to make sure that our effort works inside of the IM standards that are out there.  To get started one of the easiest to use software development kit (SDK) is from Microsoft.  To get started take a look at the Windows Live Messenger Library Tutorial and you will need to have access to a web server, which is easy to get, IIS, which is available on Vista, you have to turn it on.  We will cover how to do that in the next post.

To get started you will need to read the following documents, and unfortunately there are no Podcasts, etc. for us to use, you have to read them and then figure out what they are saying.  You could then make a podcast for others to listen to, or write on your blog at Live Spaces to explain how you did this. 

To receive the nudge you will need to follow the tutorial, to get started, go to the URL and read through the material.

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