ReplTip — Attunity CDC to replace Oracle Publishing

ReplTip -- Attunity CDC to replace Oracle Publishing

By Taiyeb Zakir
Microsoft SQL Escalation Support


Starting with SQL 2012, Heterogeneous Replication to non-SQL Server Subscribers and Oracle Publishing is deprecated. To move data from Oracle to SQL, Attunity provides a feature called Change Data Capture for Oracle and it is shipped with SQL 2012 / SQL 2014 RTM media. This feature allows using Change Data Capture in a SQL Server database, with an Oracle
database as the source of data. One notable advantage of this feature is that very low data latency can be achieved; another is that knowledge of Oracle is not required for ETL development To get more details see links below


CDC for Oracle

Databases using SQL Server Integration Services 2012 (SQL Server Video)

By Rakesh Parida


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