Using sp_repldone to SKIP a transaction

Using sp_repldone to SKIP a transaction

Chris Skorlinski
Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services

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  1. Minesh says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks a lot for the info. This is really helpful. I just had one question. How did you find out the value of LSN. Like 0x00000056000019D90001 in this case.

    Oldest non-distributed LSN : (86:6617:1) <– 0x00000056000019D90001

  2. Same question as in previous comment.

    Very helpful article, but this part is missing.

  3. pturp says:

    This is the ouput given by dbcc opentran . So you have to trap it before using it. As explained by the writer of the article this not a script but the steps to follow.

  4. cherish says:

    Oldest non-distributed LSN : (86:6617:1) <– 0x00000056000019D90001

    86 -> hex: 00000056

    6617-> hex :000019d9

    1 -> hex: 0001 (00000001 last 4 digits)

    so 86:6617:1-> hex: 0x00000056000019D90001

  5. Pixelated says:

    Can also use an online converter such as to easily convert between decimal and hexadecimal

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