fundamental: como otimizar Silverlight para buscas

  caríssimos, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) é fundamental para tudo o que fizermos na web. 

aqui vão duas referências que hão de ajudar vocês:


Search Engine Optimization for Silverlight applications

Search engine results page.

Figure 1 - Search engine results page

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the chances that your page will appear in the main section of the search engine results page (outlined by the red rectangle in Figure 1), not the paid or sponsored results. The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site

Search for Rich Internet Applications

It is interesting to see the buzz - it is good to see search engines at least begin to think beyond indexing static HTML. Technically speaking, this sort of approach to indexability lends itself to Silverlight apps as well pretty easily. First a Silverlight application packaged in a xap file is easily cracked open without a special SDK - it is simply a zip file after all. Any static textual xaml content is easily parsed by virtue of being XML. Second it is easy to embed and extract metadata via an additional file within the zip archive. Third, the Silverlight DOM itself can be easily walked and inspected programmatically to detect all text, links and images that are being visualized by the control

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  1. Shinji says:

    Interessante os links!

    Os engines de busca também indexam resultados de outras formas para este tipo de aplicação. Uma delas é gerar um feed no formato RSS e cadastrar esse feed no engine. Assim todo o seu conteúdo dinâmico será entendido pelo buscador sem a necessidade de extrair o seu conteúdo estático, que é limitado também.


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