Whidbey Beta 2 Product Metrics/Release Criteria sign-off!

Last I blog’d I talked to the Product Metrics/Release Criteria… and now we’ve released Whidbey Beta 2!  It has been a long but satisfying road…   As you can see from Chris blog below “In the home stretch…” he mentioned stress was going to be a wild card.   He was right, which is why Beta 2 took just a little longer than expected.

Over the final few months of Beta 2 we met on a daily basis in shiproom to discuss release criteria, bugs, fixes, stress, builds…  With Beta 2 having a “go live” license there was no way we wanted to release Beta 2 before it’s time, before meeting our quality goals.  I think that was the right choice and I hope are customers agree!

As we roll from Beta 2 I am in the middle of reviewing our Whidbey RTM release criteria.  I will again be holding reviews with all the release criteria owners.  The main topics this time around will be about how we did in Beta 2, defining any necessary changes, setting checkpoints, and building a great quality RTM product!

Now go download and start using Beta 2!

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