Shipping the October Community Technology Preview

As part of my tasks as a release manager, from time to time I actually get to ship software! Last week we shipped the Community Technology Preview (CTP) for October. This month’s CTP consisted of a new build of the web download packages of the Visual Studio Express Edition SKU’s.


You can go download them right now from HERE.


Shipping a CTP is a little different then a “standard” milestone release in that we don’t do a lot of the regular processes that lead up to a release. A CTP build is really just a daily build out of our Main VBL that has passed a very small set of automated tests (BVT’s), and gone through media verification. (See my post “Releasing the Bits” about media verification). Because of this, it is not the same quality level as an Alpha, Beta, RC or RTM release. However we still make them available to customers in order to solicit feedback and continue to be transparaent on our product cycle.


If you are just now thinking “Maybe I should check out these Express SKU’s..”, then you should download Beta 1. If you have already checked out Beta 1 and are waiting on some new features, or especially if you had issues when you downloaded the Beta 1, then you should check out this CTP. However, due to the very limited testing there are some important caveot’s you need to know before you install. Please review the October CTP KNOWN ISSUES.


I did get some feedback on my last post and thanks to Mickey, I am jamming some Linkin Park “Live in Texas” as I type this. Rock!


Until next time…


-Jammin’ Dan-

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