I think I’ve read that one. By Haldeman, right?

Would somebody please turn on the Large Hadron Collider so we can just end the debate? One way or another? Srsly? It might solve some other problems, too. *snicker* In short, a new paper says that the reports of the probable demise of black holes created by the LHC are greatly exaggerated (off by a…


Sybase loves AdventureWorks2008?

A SQL Ranger friend of mine in the UK gave me the heads up to this yesterday. (Thanks, Ben!!) Apparently, back in December 2008, Sybase ported some of our samples to SQL Anywhere. Needless to say, I’ve got mixed feelings about Sybase porting AdventureWorks to their platform. Sort of like a cherry-cheese Danish: it’s a…


Thank you, Captain Obvious! (@ NASA this time.)

If there’s not already a medal for stating the obvious, I should start a foundation to present one. Why should the Darwin Awards have all the fun? There is "something new and interesting going on in the universe," said Alan Kogut of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Mystery Roar from Faraway Space…


We are sooo doomed as a species.

I bump into people now and then, even up here in the near orbit of Redmond, who either don’t have an email address or don’t check it regularly. Being a hyper-connected person (my man-portable gadgets radiate enough EM to keep me warm in the winter), these people always remind me that I don’t live on…


Mail Goggles? Really? Is it April Fools’ again already?

It’s funny enough that it pretty much speaks for itself… "It will check that you’re really sure you want to send that late night Friday email," Perlow wrote. "And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you’re in the right state…


You’re doing it wrong!

I always hear Randall’s comic voice in my head now shouting “You’re doing it wrong!” when I see things like this: “This is believed to be the first reported case of a space station computer getting a virus, but a Nasa spokesman said there had been previous instances.”Computer virus infects International Space Station laptops Um….


It’s hard to tell.

Are we supposed to take them seriously? "There’s a limited supply of hadrons in the universe. Do we just want to go around destroying them? What if we run out? What if the hadrons can feel pain? Will we look back at this hundreds of years from now and regret it? Kinda like we do…


Nearly 7 billion witnesses, and nobody saw nuthin’…

Wow. We all need to look UP once in a while, people. "Anyone who went outside that night and looked towards the constellation of Puppis would have seen it," Saxton says. The Exploding Star That Everyone Missed (SPACE.com) Maybe everybody saw a new shiny thing and chalked it up to another visiting UFO. Or more…


Gender neutral code? Srsly?

Admittedly being from Mars, my reaction to the this little piece is predictable… I won’t bore you with my witty repartee (yes, that’s a redundant phrase) involving Emma, my code and a kitchen. (Yes, I’m pretty much overdue for sensitivity training, and when my wife reads this, I’ll be back in the doghouse for a…


Got milk? How many gallons will it take?

It’s almost like something you’d read about in The Onion: Mahoney says no charges have been filed but both lanes of traffic remain closed while authorities remove the cookies.  14 tons of spilled Oreo cookies snarl Ill. traffic (breitbart.com) In the immortal words of Weird Al, "My pancreas just went into shock."