Yes, I hate April Fools’ Day.

I don’t hate April Fools’ Day on principle. (Yes, I do.) I just hate it because you can never tell whether the unexpected is a prank, or something more serious. Also, some people don’t seem to know where the line is between prank and something more serious. $149 Prank: Not a prank: Today just doesn’t…


Log Shipping + Database Snapshots == Bummer, dude!!

So, like most funny stories (involving me), this one starts with “Yesterday, I had this bright idea…” and goes downhill from there. Database mirroring is great. Full stop. But there’s this one little catch: it can only have a single mirror copy of the principal. Awesome for HA, but not so good for scale out….


It’s been real and it’s been fun…

I’ve really enjoyed my ~3.5 years here at Microsoft, especially the last year and a quarter inside SQL Server. Microsoft’s a great company that really takes good care of its employees and their families. It’s with some sadness that I leave all my friends in Building 35 next week (and some of y’all over in…


Awww, aren’t they just so cute?!

Look at all of them fixin’ to jump in the pool! Heh. Not to minimize the difficulty that they’re embarking on, what with a 20% pass rate and all, but it’s great to see more people diving into the deep end of the SQL Server pool. Let’s hope as many Certified Masters as possible emerge…


If you absolutely must call a WCF service from inside your database, here’s how you do it…

When I was an operations DBA, this would probably fall into the category of “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should”: Call a WCF Service from SQLCLR (by Niels Berglund) However, there are probably a couple of good scenarios where I might advocate for doing just this in future projects, especially…


Updated Books Online (January 2009)

I’m a couple days behind in, well, everything, not just my inbox. What can I say? It finally warmed up enough to get back on the motorcycle… Updated BOL for January 2009 are out there now! MSDN Download Center (MSI) Get yours while supplies last. Heh.


Samples forum consolidation.

Until today, all of the various SQL Server community and samples projects each had their own discussion board on CodePlex. In the interests of simplification that our customers have asked for in our samples experience, we’re consolidating all of those disparate discussion locations to one MSDN forum on the new forum platform. Microsoft SQL Server…


Sybase loves AdventureWorks2008?

A SQL Ranger friend of mine in the UK gave me the heads up to this yesterday. (Thanks, Ben!!) Apparently, back in December 2008, Sybase ported some of our samples to SQL Anywhere. Needless to say, I’ve got mixed feelings about Sybase porting AdventureWorks to their platform. Sort of like a cherry-cheese Danish: it’s a…


Tweeting AdventureWorks?

Earlier this week, the gravitational pull of Twitter got the better of me. Jimmy May emailed me that Paul Nielsen was trying to sort out the gender of the fictitious IT Manager of AdventureWorks (Jean Trenary) for the next edition of the SQL Server Bible and was tweeting on the subject. One thing led to…


DTLoggedExec updated for the new year (and more).

Davide describes it best in his own words: What is DTLoggedExec? If I were a full-time ETL developer or an operations DBA, this is definitely a tool I’d be using every day. Grab yours today from CodePlex: