Michael Crichton: RIP. We’ll miss you.

Loved the books, Michael. We’ll miss all the ones that you didn’t to write. The novelist passed away in Los Angeles after a private battle with cancer. His family said the death was unexpected. Author Michael Crichton Dead at 66 (foxnews.com) Catch up with you on the Other Side™.


Fictional characters with autism

Not exactly mainstream fiction, or even mainstream scifi, but it’s based on an Xbox game published by MSGS. Mass Effect: Ascension The central character (not the protagonist) is described as having autism and several parts of the book are from her perspective. I thought it was interesting and a generally positive treatment of a character…


Now playing in my Zune podcasts... Escape Pod

After finally making time to explore the ‘cast inventory in the new Zune client*, I’ve found a few that I’m catching up on (my politically-oriented, paid-for ‘casts notwithstanding). Escape Pod is first (Ask a Ninja will be second) and I just listened to EP107 which was a dramatic reading of a Hugo Award nominee short…


Internet vigilante justice?

I’m not advocating mob justice generally; however, this is the *only* case in which I can remember the media even coming close to a retraction of it’s horribly biased, agenda-based drivel. "They" put up unresearched stories full of unnecessary ambiguity and emotionally-loaded ‘nonsense’ (to put it mildly)… As one Amazon user put it: “I know…


Big brother (or SkyNet) is coming... to a PC near you.

I loved the book 1984, even though it was almost 1984 by the time I read it. The fact that the date was around the corner and technology wasn’t anywhere close kind of took the punch out of the story. I guess it didn’t scare me the way it scared "previous generations" (to put it…


Alien? No way. Blade Runner was far better.

MSN’s Cadillac of… promotion offers three choices for "best science fiction movie": Alien 2001: A Space Odyssey Blade Runner I’m not even sure why 2001 is on that list. Must be a nod to the geriatric crowd, eh? (Just kiddink!) Alien seems to be the hands-down winner so far, despite the fact that Aliens (the…