The death of agile?

Mike’s got some great points about how agile goes wrong. I’ve seen them all. The skills and talents of individual programmers are the main determinant of software quality. No amount of management, methodology, or high-level architecture astronautism can compensate for a poor quality team. The motivation and empowerment of programmers has a direct and strong…


We are sooo doomed as a species.

I bump into people now and then, even up here in the near orbit of Redmond, who either don’t have an email address or don’t check it regularly. Being a hyper-connected person (my man-portable gadgets radiate enough EM to keep me warm in the winter), these people always remind me that I don’t live on…


Michael Crichton: RIP. We’ll miss you.

Loved the books, Michael. We’ll miss all the ones that you didn’t to write. The novelist passed away in Los Angeles after a private battle with cancer. His family said the death was unexpected. Author Michael Crichton Dead at 66 ( Catch up with you on the Other Side™.


Voting in R’lyeh?

I’m pretty sure that Lovecraft would know how to interpret these “mysterious massive waves”, especially since the last time that New England (home to Arkham and other scary places in ‘20s pulp fiction) saw this kind of big wave was in the ‘20s… Our pal H.P. would tell us that Cthulhu woke up long enough…