If you absolutely must call a WCF service from inside your database, here’s how you do it…

When I was an operations DBA, this would probably fall into the category of “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should”: Call a WCF Service from SQLCLR (by Niels Berglund) However, there are probably a couple of good scenarios where I might advocate for doing just this in future projects, especially…


SQL RSS code review coming up.

If you haven’t checked out this project, give it a look. We’re having an MVP code review in about a week. Forum discussion CodePlex project Please file your bugs and suggestions as work items on CodePlex. As always, if you’re interested in being a contributor to this project, let us know!


Samples forum consolidation.

Until today, all of the various SQL Server community and samples projects each had their own discussion board on CodePlex. In the interests of simplification that our customers have asked for in our samples experience, we’re consolidating all of those disparate discussion locations to one MSDN forum on the new forum platform. Microsoft SQL Server…


DTLoggedExec updated for the new year (and more).

Davide describes it best in his own words: What is DTLoggedExec? If I were a full-time ETL developer or an operations DBA, this is definitely a tool I’d be using every day. Grab yours today from CodePlex: http://www.codeplex.com/DTLoggedExec/


Now with more open and soon with more source!

Over the holidays, the SQL Server community & samples test team in China has been migrating all of our open product samples bugs out of our internal VSTS bug tracking database and into the VSTS database which backs the CodePlex TFS system. There are some non-bug work items which will be migrated (mostly related to…


Simplifying AdventureWorks setup

FYI, we’re actively working on improving the setup experience for the SQL Server 2008 sample databases (aka AdventureWorks). We’ve heard your feedback and we’re acting on it. Here are some of the salient points you’ll see for the Halloween update (Samples Refresh 1): Fewer selections to make to choose the appropriate download. All the AdventureWorks…


More AdventureWorks in the blogosphere…

Thanks for the plug, Stuart! Installing the AdventureWorks Sample Databases (Stuart Cox’s Tech Punch) We’re working on simplifying the setup experience for AdventureWorks in time for Halloween, but we appreciate the assist!


Cool (Free, Open) Tools: SQL RSS

Even if nobody has asked you for an RSS feed of data in one or more of your databases, it won’t be long before they do! When they do, you can grab this configurable, easy to use data-driven RSS feed widget. A couple ideas for using this application: Business intelligence updates delivered to Microsoft Outlook…


Oh, snap! Survey sez SQL Server community rulez?!

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m always very behind in reading industry blogs, rags, whatever. And I’m biased. Heh. OTH, Sean McCown can hardly be called biased toward Microsoft… so when he and I agree on something, I’m glad that he’s come around to see The Truth™. Hee-hee! (No, I don’t normally talk like that. I…


Open Source Day @ Microsoft (tomorrow)

Actually, every day is an open source day for me @ Microsoft (since that’s what I do — publish and promote open source SQL Server projects), but tomorrow is a special all open, all source, all day day for us. Tomorrow the bonus for me is being able to sit back and watch for most…