Odd Excel error. Not sure what caused it.

I just launched Excel and picked a document from the MRU and I got “Sorry, we can’t perform this action. Incompatible Office products are installed on your machine. If you have an administrator, please contact them for help.” Huh. I only have Office 365 Pro Plus (x64) installed on Windows 8.1 (x64), no other “Office”…


Blast from the past—and still true today.

Someone sent me this link in response to a customer request, and I had to laugh. The situation itself isn’t funny, especially for the customer, but sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll ______. You fill in the blank. My colleague [name doesn’t really matter] frequently gets requests from customers for documentation that explicitly says that…


Goodbye, Outlook Tasks!

When I first met Peter Bregman, he was on his book tour speaking at Microsoft Research. In 2012. He tried to convince me to give up Outlook Tasks for managing all the stuff that I wasn’t doing. His logic was sound. He repeatedly pointed out that “It’s a myth. You can’t do it all!” I…


Thanks, Emily! My $0.02 US (unadjusted) on security.

A friend of mine just sent me a link and asked my opinion. Always a dangerous thing to do… Here you go, Chris! I appreciate that she’s writing about MSFT and promoting what our execs are saying (have been saying for years =), but I think that Emily’s analysis is fine, if uninspired. Two factor…


Federal budget math shows up in OneDrive?

I’m not sure what to make of this, but it was amusing (to me): I was curious about why my PC suddenly started skipping tunes in Zune (yeah, I know) and losing keystrokes in InDesign. Apparently it was because OneDrive was re-uploading the entire contents of the internet. Maybe it’s time to reboot? It’s only…


Interop between SharePoint Online and Family Safety

On the off chance that I’ll forget or someone else might wonder how to get these two great services to work together, here’s the scoop. If you have small children (or older children who are grounded but still need to do homework and collaborative writing projects), you might have the web filtering for Microsoft Family…


Free is a good price.

Everybody loves free stuff, right? Get your free ebooks! http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/ebooks       You’ll have to register, of course, and you’ll have to have an ereader of some sort that can display PDF, EPUB, and/or Mobi for Kindle formats (yes, your PC is an ereader). I’m just sharing in case you have insomnia, too. Heh. Lots…


I’ve been in meetings like this. Gack.

Just several this week. And it’s only Monday. What Meetings Feel Like For Engineers Yes. In the immortal words of Dr. Simon Tam, “That’s what going mad feels like.”


Is that what THAT button was for?

Some people (who are not me) have a way with words that fit into 140 characters. Witness Aaron Levie (who’s not usually a big fan of Microsoft): What on earth was he talking about? My favorite new data toys! Power BI for Office 365. Whether you’ve got data in Excel, big data in SQL Server,…


Infer this, Cortana!

I’ve needed a personal assistant for a long time, but I don’t rate one here at Microsoft. (I married powerful woman with her own agenda and a workload *at least* triple my own who needs her own personal assistant, so I won’t get any sympathy there.) Enter Cortana. Windows Phone 8.1 will be bringing a…