I like to read ‘expert’ opinions for their comedic value.

Apparently, the Ed Bott does, too.

Summary: In Silicon Valley (and in media satellites that take the NoCal mindset to New York and beyond), everyone has an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, and a Gmail account. Microsoft products and services might as well be from Mars. So be skeptical when you read analyses or predictions of what's coming next from Redmond.
10 amazingly stupid things the 'experts' will try to tell you about Microsoft

For those in the TLDR; crowd, here’s Ed’s short list of ‘expert myths’ that he’s BUSTED:

  1. The Nokia acquisition is a colossal mistake
  2. Microsoft hates Open Source
  3. Everyone hates Microsoft Office
  4. Internet Explorer is a buggy, incompatible mess
  5. Bing is a money-losing flop
  6. Windows is fundamentally insecure and unreliable
  7. Xbox should be spun off into a separate business
  8. The ‘One Microsoft’ reorg is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic
  9. Windows Phone is a failed experiment
  10. Windows RT is dead

All BUSTED nicely and succinctly. Thanks, Ed.

I can personally attest to the falsehood of #2. I once had a job for 2 years at MSFT mostly publishing open source projects…

If you’ve got ‘expert opinions’ that you’re using to make enterprise software decisions for your organization on that read like that top 10 list, I’d love to talk to you!

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