Generational crusades and holding your ancestors’ grudges?

Full disclosure: I come from a long line of hillbillies. I know whereof I speak when I talk about family feuds. The Hatfields and the McCoys were pikers when it comes to vendettas.

That said, Scott’s got an amusing blog about an interaction he had with an angry young man, which I’ve found over the past five decades to be a redundant phrase – not a criticism, just an observation – I used to be one (both young and angry – heh).

Sure, we do stupid stuff sometimes, usually because someone in one org isn't talking to another org, or some marketing vendor overreaches, every big company makes these mistakes.

But I like the direction we're heading. I work here to fix stuff. Some folks complain, some tweet complaints, I'm here to fix it. If it was a lost cause, I'd quit, as I truly don't need the job that badly. I'm happy to be a small part of a small part of pushing us. I will push until I can't push anymore.

I said, find a new reason to hate Microsoft. I didn't kill your Pappy, son.
Microsoft killed my Pappy

I’ve had similar conversations with folks in my 8 years here at Microsoft. (Often with people who aren’t old enough to actually remember the mid-‘90s!!) These same people are often baffled that I’m proud to work here. I think, in part, it’s because we [intentionally] don’t advertise our community engagement and everything that we as a company do to improve the world. I was very happy to see us taking a future-focused tack with our Super Bowl ad this year.

There are many more amazing stories than these. I hope we release more commercials like this one.

Confession: In the late ‘80s, my persistent day dream was to create a smarter operating system to put Bill out of business. I was still actively contributing to open source projects until 2005 or 2006… If my hillbilly self can learn to “forgive and forget”, so can you!

And I still meet prejudiced people all the time who feel compelled to ask me, “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”


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