Alas, IE9, we knew ye well…

As we get to EOL for Windows XP, the transition to modern browsers should be well underway…

Google Apps users will have to upgrade to either Internet Explorer 10 or 11 as Google moves away from supporting users on the older IE9.
Google Apps Soon Ending Support for IE9 Users

Google, at least, understands this, and I’m glad of it. There are too many fly-by-nights out there who are still doing “browser detection” instead of “capabilities detection” or “feature detection”. Or worse… not bothering to test in anything except the developers’ favorite browser.

I had a different, unfortunate experience, though, with another organization (who shall, for now, remain nameless) when I went to give them money yesterday! Their website utterly failed in IE11 in Windows 8.1, in compatibility mode or out, on both the x64 and RT platforms. I had to download and install “another browser” in order to renew my membership in this unfortunate, not-for-profit organization who had outsourced their membership management to

If anybody has connections to or with, I’d love to help them get their website squared away and working properly in IE11. Pretty please?

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  1. Mike says:

    It turns out that the Microsoft support site (at least, as of last Monday) is also incompatible with IE 11. I called the toll-free support number for help and the Microsoft representative recommended that I "try using Firefox." I'm guessing that it's millions of experiences like mine that slowly push people onto other browsers.

  2. Mike, if that's the case and you got such a lame response from somebody answering the phone for us, I'm embarrassed. I apologize for that.

    Although I understand the fervor around standards compliance and security that's gripped the IE team for this release, I'm hoping that IE11 isn't turning into the Internet Explorer teams' "Vista moment". =

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