Tough decision. Should I share this with my son?

This summer, my oldest son (age 9) has been plowing through every book in the library on electronics, robotics and astronomy that he can convince the public library to check out to him. His current fixation is BattleBots, because he hasn’t solved the “Earth orbit is a long way up” problem, yet.

For the amount of money he might be able to earn in a year or three, somebody else is willing to solve it for him beginning in 2010...

Total Price of the TubeSat Kit including a Launch to Orbit is $8,000!

Interorbital Systems – TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit | International Space Fellowship

Not to be critical, but don’t we already have enough junk in orbit? Well, it would be cool to have our own piece of space junk in orbit sponsored by Fort Reed.

I think the operative question isn’t whether or not I tell #1 Son or not... It’s whether he can keep from telling his mother about the secret account that I just created to save up for it.


Comments (2)

  1. #1 Son says:

    Did you really make me a secret account? Cool!

  2. Carla says:

    He might also be interested in reading about the Space Elevator.

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