Note to Self: Label shipping containers more innocuously…

It almost reads like something from “When I am an Evil Overlord...”

The arrested men had setup an elaborate surveillance operation of the prison that involved a camouflaged tent, powerful binoculars, telephoto lenses, and motion detection sensors. But authorities caught wind of the plan when they intercepted the inflatable zeppelin as it arrived from the Italian town of Bergamo. Gizmodo - Spanish Police Foil Remote-Controlled Zeppelin Jailbreak – Zeppelins

I’m curious about how they intercepted said zeppelin. It was shipped from Italy after all. Was it labeled “R/C Zeppelin 4 Zee Beeg Escape”? Addressed to “Zee Preeson Break Teem”? Or were they silly enough to fly it all the way from Tuscany? Maybe they should’ve had it delivered to a ciudad a little further from a maximum security prison?

Actually, I’m even more curious about its remote control design. You never know when that could come in handy! Hey, Spanish police guys, are you interested in selling that contraband r/c blimp? I haz cash! Heh.

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