For want of a chainsaw, the trip was lost…

About two or three weekends back, we took the Sequoia up toward the Glacier Peak Wilderness loaded with the family (wife, kids, me) and various pieces of what-if back country gear: important stuff like MREs, bonus water, rope and rappelling stuff, tire repair bits, etc. Of course, by now, you’ve figured out that I “forgot” something.

Well, you can’t really forget something that you don’t own. Can you?


If you look down the road further, you’ll see lots more downed trees. Even if we pulled the first couple out of the way with the tow chain, we’d still never have made it more than another 10 miles from Darrington before sundown. C’est la guerre. We still had fun playing in the April snow.

The upside is that now I have “permission” from the Mrs. to buy a chainsaw. Bwahahahahaha!!

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