For once, the forecast was accurate…

Of course, in the Pacific Northwest, it’s not hard: all you have to do to be accurate is say “Water will fall from the sky.” Heh. It snowed over the weekend, but it all melted off and even though it was forecast for today, I was tempted to ride the bike in. Every day that I get to ride the motorcycle is better than the days that I don’t... It’ll be time to upgrade from the 600cc bike to a liter bike later this year, though. Hayabusa?

Now that I’m watching a whole bunch of people pack up to go home early, I’m glad I drove the 4x4 instead. Traffic and police reports show a number of snow/ice-related accidents already.

0309091422 (2)

Just finished reading Aspho Fields during lunch before I took this from inside the truck. Great book, if you like Gears of War.

Sorry, I’m fresh out of global warming jokes and it’s only March.

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