Back when I was an enterprise architect…

JP Morgenthal put together a brief care-and-feeding guide for managers of enterprise architects for CIO magazine. Back when I was an enterprise architect (or pretending to be one as a consultant), these are all things my management knew. Knew as in: I wish they did more than just be aware that I wanted them to behave this way. They could’ve done more than listen when I explained them (many times). Heh.

    1. Establish clear goals and expectations before day one.

    2. Introduce the EA to the key players at a single meeting, no later than day two.

    3. Run blocker for your EA.

    4. Don't expect your EA to drive the business.

    5. Your EA is not just the über-tech-geek.

Almost always had trouble with #1 and #4, and sometimes with #2 and #5. It’s odd, but #3 reminds me of a funny Trace Adkins song, but it’s an important one that some managers don’t understand. Or maybe I’m just too opinionated, insensitive, arrogant or difficult for my own good. I’m mostly Irish after all. Heh.

Read the full article: Understanding Your Enterprise Architect: A Guide for Managers

Maybe JP will put together a good list of things that an EA is actually supposed to do so that the current crop that I’ve had recent contact with might actually do them?

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