Thanks, Brian! A couple minor nits to pick, though.

Brian, I'm glad y'all are doing videos like this for SQL School!! I realize that you probably recorded this last year; however, the details (specifically of download file selection on CodePlex) in that video about AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2008 have been out of date since October 2008. 😉 We shipped Samples Refresh 1 on Halloween which greatly simplified the entire experience.

Samples Refresh 2 will ship in the second quarter of this calendar, and will consist primarily of bug fixes.

Also, a minor clarification, most of the Books Online examples for SQL Server 2008 still use the original AdventureWorks databases (which is why we ship both versions together for Katmai). For the most part, only the BOL topics which need new features like FILESTREAM, geography, HierarchyID, etc, were updated to use the AdventureWorks2008 family of databases.

Installing Sample 2008 Databases - SQL School Videos - SQL Server Central

We're definitely working to streamline the AdventureWorksKilimanjaro experience, and we're planning to only ship one year-model family of databases for SQL Server Kilimanjaro.

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