If it wasn’t in California, this might have gotten me to choose UC Berkeley.

Well, besides the locale barrier (for politico-moral reasons of my own), there’s the teensy fact that I’m decades past being interested in attending university courses as an alternative to being gainfully employed. But places like FullSail and Digipen didn’t exist Back in My Day™, either, when I was newly-minted National Merit Scholar and “in the market” for a college ed-vacation. (The University of Houston has my undying gratitude for paying for the whole thing. Much obliged!) One of my young cousins-in-law is a recent FullSail graduate, and his curriculum (game programming for the Nintendo DS) sounded a lot more interesting than mine (Herodotus and COBOL).

College students get credit for Starcraft gaming (guardian.co.uk)

It hardly seems fair that nearly three decades ago I almost lost my full scholarship because I spent too much time playing games of all sorts. Games, which I must say, have come a long way since text-based MUDs of yore. And now we’re giving kids college credit for doing the same thing?! *pout* As my daughter (and oldest child) would say, “That’s not fair!!” (Despite many lessons to the contrary @ age 10, she hasn’t acclimated to the fact that it never is.)

Not that I want to go back to being a starving college student, mind you. I’m having too much fun now!! I couldn’t afford to pay attention, let alone feed myself, when I was in college. If I hadn’t gotten married at age 20, I might not have survived to graduation... Heh.

Kudo’s to Christian (with whom I spent five weeks locked in the same room a couple years back, but that’s another story for another day) for the link up. As I acclimate to Twitter, blogging seems so old-fashioned and slow now...

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