Live Mesh to the, uh, rescue?

One of my alleged New Year’s resolutions was to clean out the blogging back log. I have a bad habit of highlighting something on a web page, whacking the Live Toolbar button for “blog this” and letting my witty repartee rot in a folder somewhere in Documents. No more! I will have the “now habit” from henceforth… Mostly. It’s the end of January and I’m just now getting around to it.

Live Mesh is helping me by giving me a central place to keep everything, so I can blog whenever I’ve got a spare moment:

  • between meetings on the tablet (if my boss is reading this, I never do this during meetings – honest!)
  • lounging @ home watching some poor excuse for a TV show that the TiVo knew that I’d watch anyway (in all fairness I haven’t watched the show yet, but Kurtz was actually funny yesterday, so I linked it)
  • waiting for my teammates to rescue me after zombies had their way with my corpse in Left 4 Dead (my Xbox 360 game backlog is just as bad as blogging backlog, but I’m working on that, too!)
  • sitting in the garage on my motorcycle and wishing there was enough global warming to melt all this “unusual for the Pacific Northwest” snow and let me ride!

I really wish I’d meshed up my Windows Mobile phone two weeks ago… so that I wouldn’t’ve lost those notes and pictures when a keyboard malfunction (while entering the PIN) plus draconian security policy erased them all. Doh.

Live Mesh means that all my PCs have my blog post drafts from the past several years that never made it past The Censors™. Heh. Also, I can never claim to have lost a favorite link, either, now that they’re all meshed up.

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